Pin-Lock designed a whole new system of scaffolding consisting of posts with rosettes and horizontal/diagonal braces with wedge locks. Benefits of System Scaffold are: versatility, ease of erection and its ability to be used in conjunction with Tube and Clamp Scaffold make it unbeatable.

This basic type of scaffold uses tubes of many different lengths clamped together with both rigid and swivel clamps. Tube and Clamp Scaffold is versatile and has few parts, but is slow and difficult to erect.

Rolling Towers come in several different widths and styles. We carry a complete line of rolling tower equipment compatible with our normal frame scaffold for an infinite number of configurations.

Diamond Scaffold carries various lengths of scaffold-grade natural wood plank. All wood plank are rodded and branded OSHA approved.

We have various styles of frames available, each with 1.69 OD tubing. The stud spacing is either 24 or 48 inches. Standard drop-lock studs are used for quickness of erection.

We stock a large number and a variety of Frame scaffold accessories for your convenience. We offer everything from stair units to putlogs. All accessories are made to fit 1.69 OD tubing unless special ordered.